Professional Licensing and Discipline

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In the state of Georgia, you generally need a license to practice any profession, whether it is law, medicine, accountancy, real estate, nursing, counseling, physical therapy, pharmacy, cosmetology, engineering, architecture, dentistry, psychology, funeral directing and embalming, or plumbing, to name a few. With respect to the teaching profession, the process is called certification. Each of these professions is governed by its own licensing entity and each of those licensing entities has its own set of laws, rules and regulations, and policies.

The issues related to professional licensing generally fall into two categories: 1) obtaining your license to practice your chosen profession and 2) maintaining that license. With respect to obtaining your license, issues can arise about whether you can demonstrate that you meet the educational or experience requirements or whether there is some past conduct or action on your part that could disqualify you. With respect to maintaining your license, your actions or inaction in discharging your professional responsibilities could be called into question. There could also be issues as to whether you have complied with the continuing education or experience requirements.

If you are having problems obtaining your professional licensing or are facing possible disciplinary action by your licensing entity, do not ignore the issues thinking that they will disappear and do not try to resolve the issues on your own. You need advice and assistance from someone who has worked with state licensing entities and who is familiar with the intricacies and inner workings of those entities.

At Jenkins & Roberts LLC, we have experience and a proven track record of success with professional licensing issues. Call us at 404-522-6386 and let us help you. You worked extremely hard to be in the position to apply for and obtain your license to practice your profession. We will work just as hard to help you overcome any obstacles to obtaining your license or to help you resolve any issues that have placed your license in jeopardy.